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Design Features

The R-K PBP series pressure bypass valve is a 3-port valve designed to relieve excess fluid pressure in piping systems. When mounted in-line, the pressure by-pass valve will permit fluid to pass through the system. When the fluid pressure approaches the valve setting, the excess fluid is vented through the bottom port.
  Adjustable screw and lock-nut makes it easy to accurately pre-set relief pressure.
  Wide working pressure range (10 to 80 PSIG)
  Top entry for easy in-line maintenance and can be factory pre-set upon request.
  No metal contact with fluid
  Note:This valve is not designed to be used in piping systems with back-pressure on the downstream side.
Pressure Bypass Valve

Upstream Pressure         Vacuum to 150 PSIG     

Relief Pressure           10 to 80 PSIG

Pressure differential     Plus or Minus 5 PSIG from any pre-set pressure relief point.

Material           ValveBody        PVC Type 1, Grade 1

                   Piston           Teflon
                   Diaphragm        Primary    Teflon
                                    Backup     EPDM 
                   Seal             EPDM

Pressure differential               Plus or Minus 3 PSIG from any pre-set pressure relief point.

Temperature Range                   0 F to 140 for PVC
                                    0 F to 180 F for POLYPRO
                                    0 F to 280 F for PVDF
                                    0 F to 340 F for TEFLON

Valve ports                         1/4" to 1" Valve FNPT
                                    1.5" to 2" Valve MPT
                                    All valves are fully ported

Mounting Method                     (4) 1/4" -20 tapped holes for
                                    standard machine valve body.
                                    (1/4" to 1.00")

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Order Information

The chart below will specify R-K standard valves regarding valve size, valve material, and seal material.
For special orders, please consult the factory for pricing and delivery information.

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